Thursday, October 4, 2012

you are just a man

i cooked salmon for you, practicing for days to perfect the recipe. you admitted that your name was not vienn, after i, sneakily, brought it up. we watched the debate together...tried to watch the debate together. ended up doing something else together, though i'm still holding out a little longer. i have better self-control than i thought. and i am more calm than i thought. and i have realised that you... are just a man. you are twenty-four, you make a lot of money, you have your own place, you are well-dressed, well-groomed, very handsome, and very much like me. we have a lot of chemistry but already i am becoming comfortable with you; maybe the boredom will come sooner than i thought, and if it does, will it be a bad thing? because you are just a man.

you are just a man. you are not perfect, too good for me, or my magical pair by any means. you are just a man that i happen to be seeing, and happen to like. should i stop seeing you? life will continue on, you will have been fun while you lasted, maybe i'll feel lonely from time to time, not having anyone to look forward to seeing anymore.

but i won't be sad. you are just a man i am dating. i've done this all before

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